now i DEF need a pair of these...

Baydan is the alleged company that made the shoe…model number 271

here’s a pick…

nothing like the monument…i thought iw as looking for an adidas lifestyle shoe like the gazel =(

That’s a little cliché.

agreed! they are def run-of-the-mill. personally, i’m a wing-tip and cap-toe guy, but the history behind them is great. if only they connected with their intended target =)

These are so iconic and also generic, I would put them next to the word “shoe” in the dictionary.

Not a horrible thing, almost a staple to have sitting in your closet. Like a white short sleeve tshirt.

I like the molded in “stitching” on the outsole.

the monument looks like one of Duff’s cakes on Charm City Cakes. There’s would probably look a little better actually.

just checked their website. they actually have a collection of boots called bye bye bush, with a tag on the tongue that says it as well. I guess i cant blame them for trying to ride the wave, but that’s just hokey, so much for integrity. i don’t mind the news clips of the shoe incident on the homepage, although thats hokey as well, im not even a big fan of bush.