Nottingham Trent or Northumbria?


I would like some information about these two Universities because I have been accepted for MA in Product Design from both unis and unfortunately its very hard for me to choose the best… so I would be gratefull if anyone can give me some help about them.

Thanks in advance.

I came from BA products at northumbria Uni a year ago, that was a fantastic course and I’m now at Central Saint martin studying MA industrial design. I heard that the MA an Northumbria wasn’t so great, but I think its what you make it, its not the teaching thats the problem, just its not a huge course and I’m not sure if they get as much freedom as they would like. But the university and the City are both great, so i’d say pay them a visit and have a look, the 3D course certainly served me well. Good luck!


I am on the BA product design course at Nottingham Trent at the moment, although I’m currently off on a placment year. The course is pretty sound and we’ve got some really good tutors. If you’re interested in more creative stuff rather than the technical then it’s a really good course to let you be a bit creative with the briefs you’re set in your first and second year.

Also Trent social is fantastic. Ok, so the course should come first, but there is such a good vibe at Trent that you’ll find it hard not to have a good time when you’re not working.

I understand your dilema - I was also stuck between Northumbria and Nottingham Trent, but I haven’t regretted my decision once!