Not your style...but you love it anyway.

What’s a product that doesn’t fit your usual taste but you dig nonetheless?

I’m in love with the Scott Genius moto boot from a decade or so ago. I’m normally a less-is-more guy when it comes to style, especially in sports/athletic gear that almost always strikes me as over designed…But this thing looks like Iron Man had a baby with a Stormtrooper, and I absolutely love everything about it. It’s insanely well refined top to bottom, and it’s just gorgeous.

What about y’all?

I think that is a signifier of a mature and seasoned approach to design, balancing appearance and functionality. So, congratulations.
Without thinking too deeply I’d propose most of the current Mazda lineup as characteristic of your question. I wouldn’t drive most of those cars, for various reasons, nor would I attempt to design something borrowing from those gestures, but they are extremely ‘diggable’ appearance-wise.

I bet it would be fun for you to wear those boots though. You’d be stepping into a very different persona…you might even like it!

I wouldn’t call this beauty but the aesthetic is impressively done. Often more graphic or wild approaches lose their appeal when taken into physical reality, but for these I feel it works + fits the context. Great design. For a more subtle approach matte black with copper details and possibly some glossy black areas, say for branding, is recommended.