Not you normal Mac/PC topic

I wanted to throw a post up here to see how many of you design management folks use mac v/s a PCs at work. I have been trying to overcome the corporate PC mentality and it is driving me crazy. I have two computers. One to d my everyday design work on (am typing on it now) and another that I do email access shared servers, conference room booking and so on…a PC. I was wondering who else has to deal with this. It is becoming pretty annoying and if you have any tip on how to over come it I am open to listen.



What’s the problem, Macs don’t have email? Why can’t you just stop using the PC if that’s what you want?

Talk to your IT department. Have them get you a copy of Office Mac. I assume you are using Outlook for email? I’m sure your IT staff would appreciate you staying in the Microsoft family of products, but you can also use Mac Mail with an Exchange server. I use both Mac and Pc and have my email synced between the two. Works pretty seamlessly.

Is the only problem e-mail?

Pretty much any e-mail program on earth (except for maybe Lotus notes from 1998) should be cross platform at this point. Setting up an exchange account on a Mac should not be a problem, even if you aren’t logged on to your corporate domain.

Most companies should have some kind of web gateway as well?

No the main problem is accessing multiple different databases and security system some actually set up in old Lotus notes. We are a pc based company with only a few macs in the building.

This was more of a bitching post than anything else.