not so green..

I was moving a bottle to the recycling bin today that my roomate’s friend had put in the trash and I couldn’t help but notice their heart-warming pitch about recycling, and how the company is doing their best to be green, and how we can all make a difference, etc:

Unfortunately it was deer park- bottled water…

I guess this is not so much a design topic as an expression of my hatred towards bottled water. I know it has its purpose when there’s no clean water, but come on…

People aren’t logical beings and there is apparently a market for bottled water, hence there are plastic bottles with water sold. So you expect a brand/company to just disband itself because of an ethical standpoint. Wouldn’t the message die with them?

It has to be said that devoting a third of your bottle’s label to a recycling message is commitment. Suppose this jumps over to big brands with more budget, we might be recycling in no time. And not only water bottles but also other beverages (this also hinges on recycling infrastructure).

Just my 2 cents! :slight_smile:

My opinion, if you buy a bottle of water for $1, then complain about the price of gasoline you’ve really got some problems.

True, but some cities do have some genuinely bad water. I spent a summer in Joliet Illinois for an internship once and tried to drink the muni water to no avail. It was brownish and tasted like pennies.
The water in Robbinsdale MN where I live now isn’t all the terrific either, but we make do without bottled water.

You should check out the Penn and Teller Bullsh*t episode about bottled water.

:laughing: that video is great

Indeed great video…

Shows you can make people believe everything If only you charge them enough for it. “Wow this is expensive must be better”

And I never drink bottled water