Not seeing "latest" posts on Core77 mainpage

Is it just me?

Not just you, I don’t see the latest forum posts either. I thought that was a great feature, even if spam occasionally falsely pushed some topics to the top.

Same here- on another note, the editors picks links never ever work for me. I click and get a “site can’t be reached” error. Might be corporate firewall, but it’s annoying sometimes. The workaround is googling the title.

I don’t see it either, and I miss it. First thing I go to. Mods: any reason for this/can we get it back?

not a mod thing. That is HQ.

As a moderator, perhaps you might send the word up the line that a few of us were wondering about the change and missing the lack.

How do we tell HQ to bring it back to the main page?

Deafening silence.

In fairness, there are a grand total of 8 people who still post on these boards. Not really frontpage-worthy. :frowning:

I’m sure that’s pretty accurate. And I appreciate that you’re one of the regs who takes the time to weigh in. I enjoy you regular posters, and the odd infrequent ones. The boards are so informative, interesting and often inspirational.
I think a low poster-to-reader ratio might not be the the right data to use in deciding if the boards should be out front or not. How much and by how many people the boards are read might be a better metric for that decision. For me (one data point only of course), the boards are the primary reason for me to come to Core.

Hooray! “Latest Posts” are back!
Thanks, Core. Would love to hear the story sometime . . .

Holiday break. Low priority. Hate whiney designers.

All work. You choose. :slight_smile: