Not seeing chrome?

Heym just wondering what’s your take on people not seeing your drawings the same way you intend to.
For example my mother, she doesn’t see chrome in a rendering when it’s represented with brown ground and blue sky reflections.
She also doesn’t see the ‘glass’ like buttons in the mac interface, until I pointed it out to her. I wouldn’t like to have her as a boss, or have overhead who can’t see representations. And I am not talking about my renderings, I am talking really amazing works where everyone’s impressed by how chromey the chrome looks.

I remember learning that cavemen (don’t know how far back that went) didn’t see in 3 dimensions, or wouldn’t be able to recognize a drawing of a box in 3d as being a box in 3d, just wasn’t wired into their brains. And apparently some scientists can now picture a hypercube in their heads (cube with a 4rth dimension) something like that(don;t remember too much about the hypercube).

Have you ever had a boss like that? Do YOU not see chrome and other ‘effects’? what’s your take on it?

Some people just do not “see” things the same way most do. Many people are color blind, for example, and cannot distinguish between shades of a color or multiple colors… Also, everyone does not have conceptual skills and cannot envision things without seeing a picture.

I wouldn’t let it bother you too much. I get weird looks from friends, family, and coworkers all the time when I show 'em a sketch or try to discribe a project that I am working on. Sure, it can be frustrating, but that is why my title is “designer” not bean counter, or whatever.

I suppose that it will remain as a myth that your mom gave birth to a designer rather than an engineer. Maybe she’s used to numbers.

No, not really she’s not really good with number, she cooks well :wink:

But actualy she was very artistic when I was a kid, she used to make wicked costumes and drew quite well ( toothbrushes and toothpaste and stuff like that for my kindergarten class (teacher needed some help so whe asked the parents)) interesting enough toothbrushes and toothpaste was my first assignment in College. (drawing class)… funny how life works out.

she did grasp the glass buttons on the mac interface, after i explained to her how light behaves, (and shown some examples)… but she still has difficulty grasping chrome. She can say 'oh that’s chrome, when she sees brown and blue but she doesn’t get the effect… but she does see it on black and white renderings of tea kettles for example, where it’s just way more contrasted and rendered s though the object was in a photostudio with studio lights.

I was just wndering if you had a client like that, mainly, and how you handed it.

Hmmm… What would you rather have? A client or boss that can’t see dimensionally, or a spouse that can’t see dimensionally but also believes that they are an expert on dimensional stuff.

I just had to hang 4 pictures 3 different times. I think I’m losing control of this project to my client (wife) again. Changes! …more changes! LOL!

I had a client that couldn’t see the design even as a rendered model… the vp of marketing wouldn’t make a decision unless their engineers printed a 3D model out on their stratsys. They blew their project margins from printing out every rev. and missed their release date because they had their hand in everything.

Some people just lack the ability to envision objects and colors. As a designer who works with 3D forms it is easy for me to picture something in my head, rotate it, change colors, etc without ever touching a computer. I just see it.

For others this is an extremely difficult task that they will never really understand. It isn’t because they are any less intelligent, their brains are just wired differently. Personally I don’t mind if a client can’t always “see” something, just means more billable hours trying to explain it to him.

i had a boss that couldn’t see a chair pulled under his ass. so he fell hard on the floor.

It is quite often that people outside of design cannot read our work the way another designer would. It’s a language and these people are just not fluent unfortunately. We try our best to explain the vision, but the truth is the big picture often doesn’t become clear for these people until final prototypes. The problems occure when they are allowed to sip the stew before it is done.

Being able to redirect commennts, or even anticipate them with more clear and banal drawing styles, is something you pick up along the way.

Are you suggesting that your mother is cave-man like? I have had boses who’s intellegence was not unlike that of a cave man, but then they were not in the design field.