Not quite yet a portfolio

Before I begin my journey on the design of my portfolio, I would like to see what people think of the direction I am going.
Please note pretty much all of these images are not even close to be final but just give you an idea what they look like.
I want to showcase 4 projects. Giving the most variety of my skillz.
SPEAKERS-I have begun with foam core models to begin the process. Final presentation in the portfolio will consist of completely hand rendered/photoshop rendered images. Possibly a 3d maxwell render.

I did a giant paper on transportation/city design ended up with a train station design set up. Final showcase will be 3d maxwell renders and computer/hand render images.

I think both of these are strong pieces of furniture. I am not sure if its a good/bad idea to have both of them in the portfolio? Both will be final photos of finished prototypes.

I have a clock, shoe and razor. Images of final prototype or renders. Also a perfume bottle which has a cool idea behind it.

So my main problem is to decide between my products/furniture to go in. Any feedback or idea of direction would be great!

Layout I have will be 10 pages. 8.5X 11 pages for printing. Then each showcase will get 11X 17 section when opened up. Cover and CV will get 8.5X11.

where are them process works? i see some okay CAD renderings and i just skip on through. okay, you can do CAD, where’s the design?

i think for furniture, unless it’s like… a really problem solving furniture (like for office spine problems), just dump all the furniture onto one page.

a lot of it looks like just exterior styling. like the razor. i’m pretty sure i’ve seen that form before, except you just put a paint job on it. what’s so special about it? same thing with the bottles. okay, looks like high class stuff, but what is it? what is this “cool idea behind it”?

i mean, at this rate, i can see this as a portfolio for a CAD/3d modeler. I don’t see designer anywhere (yet). Show us your process. Show what problems you were solving, the research you did, the iterations/prototypes, and then the final result.