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Thanks man.I’m working @ nike fulltime, it pretty much rules. You should go for it.

nice sporty look. intresting 4 runners. i love it 2. izit in market?

Both are in the market, but they are not running shoes, great all day functionality though. There is a stoor locator for them here:

I like the design. I am a shoe designer also. I respect your designs. I understand the inspirations and they are very simple. well the second design is. I really like teh simplicity and minimal look of teh second. i feel like for the top one i need a better view from different angles. did you do the technology behind the shoe yourself???

Nike, that sounds great. i have done some indirect work with them. I am still i school and hopefully later in life i can catch up with and we can be together on a project.

keep up the great work.

does it come in any other colors??? maybe a grey and with lime green features.

i have heard the nike campus is almost like a community itself. one thing i always wondered is/was, whether the footwear designers there were diehard sneakerheads?

how did you get involved with them, did you apply or intern 1st?

I am not working in nike yet, but i am in the shoe design field and I am 21 in school still, playing basketball in any free time…well anyways. I am a shoe junkie, in my dorm room u cant c the walls. it is getting insane. I collect, but really i look at like a piece of art and this is my museum. i treasure them. I am in New York so I am surrounded by shoe culture. I sleep with mine on…yea its bad…some might say…

hahaha well my girl friend doesn’t let shoes in the bed…so it doesnt happen very often.

Thanks man,

The full length zoom air technology is off the shelf, but under utilized in our active life product where you could be in the product for say 10-18 hrs. The bag is loaded into the sockliner so it is literaly right below your foot, instead of incased in the foam midsole. The tricky part was finding a last that could accomodate the technology and yet was sleek and modern. We ended up using an old soccer last. Both shoes share the same technology and outsole units. While they are available currently only at small boutique retailers in limited colors, they will soon be available in nordstroms and better department stores in more color and material ways.

I like your quick sketches, do you use prisma colors??? How many sketches did it take till you knew this was the one??? I find myself doing tons of sketches but only using about 3 or 4 for a assignment, but later look back at my old designs and use them. i think you can learn alot from your designs that didnt make it for a certain asignment but might be better later…I always keep my sketches close…its like a little checking account of ideas…that you can pull if you need. why do you choose the colors that you did ???

do you ever get impatient…because you just want to get yourstuff out…and it seems like the politics and everything is taking too long???

yes, for exploration sketches I use prisma pencils and markers, along with some black and white chalk. I sketch a lot. Usually 20-40 initial sketches and then maybe 10 refinement before I do a final rendering. Maybe I’m just slow but it seems to be the most consistant way for me to end up with something I’m proud of. I keep it all and look back through from time to time, but usually I’m turned on by something new on future projects.

I hear you with the impatience. I’ve designed watches, consumer electronics, eyewear and some transportation, the lead times on which are much worse than footwear, bags, or toys. So I try to keep it in perspective. It can be hard to sit on stuff I know.

I can get very impatient. but that is a part of life, meaning you have to wait for things.

where do you see footwear, footwear design coming in the future. do you think nike will ever get into safety footwear, using good year welt technology ( its not by all means a new technology) ahaha. For example using steel toes and steel plates…and other means of protection???

just wondering, I know that nike has a outdoor branch called ACG. do you know much about them?? they are not advertised as much, but I am interested in there production. not much in there lines of shoes.

I really can’t comment or speculate where the company is going, all of that info is highly proprietary and strategic.

But I can tell you that , like all product cattegories at Nike, ACG has its own design team. They do some great stuff and they have some really talented guys, most of their better product goes to specialty shops.

Most footwear designers sit in a large, high ceilinged, open studio. It’s a great little design community, though the competing stereos can be over-wellming and for the most part we keep it a mess- just like school. I guess the old habits die hard.

you can find more here

I understand politics. I want to see more about acg. I think there is alot about outdoor adventure footwear that is not being looked at.

Approve!!!So I also love ACG!It’s all-condition! :laughing:

updated first image with more colorways, and some process.

I thought this was funny, A friend of mine emailed me these pics of my shoes yesterday:

I’m not sure what about my shoes provokes such photo set ups, the same happened here:

At least in this one you can see the shoe better I guess :wink:

who takes these pics?? your friend?

would make for a nice ad now all u need is “just do it” and a swoosh logo


These where sent to me from the editor at Sole Collector Magazine, not sure if he took them or not. The photo of the Barrette apeared in a Japanese fashion mag, no idea who took them.

very cool yo-

they should give you an interview too

i like nike, i feel very comfortable when i wear the shoes of nike