Nose Play Doh

When I squeeze my nose, white stuff comes out of my pores like play doh. What is that? Do any of you have that? It isn’t really puss. I am just curious.

Is it collagen? It seems to regnerate every day.

Any thoughts?

its dirt you stinky bugger. clean yo self.

its sweat/oil/skin gunk

keep squeezing it, you’ll get huge pores. haha

go buy some biore strips, they dont work, but its cool

Why is the gunk white though?

Sometimes it comes out in long strings.

just deal with it and keep squeezing

try saving them in a thimble

My brother used to p[op then on a toothpick on a stove. It works with hard zits too. Pretty cool cause it is all oil.

an important materials and processes lesson is occuring on your nose. without even knowing you are demonstrating the principles of extrusion. it would be sweet if you had star shaped pores.

So that is really gunk? it is white in color. So you have it too? Glad I am not the only one. It is extrusion for sure. If I can only sell it like guano I’d be rich. It regenerates every night. Like selling hair.