Nook Texture?

Does the B+N Nook have a texture on the white bezel plastic? I haven’t seen it in person yet.

I’m guessing few of us have! I saw one boxed up in the store yesterday, probably the closest I’ll get to one… I’m guessing few of us on here have actually used one.

I took a look at a Nook yesterday :slight_smile:. The plastic bezel is almost all high gloss, but mid way up on either side are forward and backward buttons which have a rougher texture. The buttons may also have had little raised dots but i’m not sure about that.

Overall I thought it was well designed had a nice feel too it, although it was a tad heavier than i had expected. The e-ink screen is very crisp and easy to read, but I kept wanting to use it like a touch screen. With all the touch screens around it was a hard habit to break, i guess I’ve gotten used to using my phone too much. Instead all of the navigation functions (except for page< and page>) are accessed through the mini screen at the bottom, and the interface took a moment to figure out, it was not the most intuitive system I’ve run into.

Do you think glossy is not good functionally for a touch screen bezel? Would a mold tech MT-11010 light texture make more sense for a bezel that is handled often to hide scratches and fingerprints? Also less glare than glossy bezels? Seems like glossy bezels is a styling trend that doesn’t wear well in real, everyday use.

a light sandblast can get just a scratched looking. I find that sometimes a scratch on a light texture can look glossy, creating a nice glossy line on a matte surface. A lot of my wii mote textures are glossy on the top side, matte sandblast on the bottom side, and it seems to be wearing well a couple of years in. I don’t believe in putting guards or sleeves on any of my things (products for my product? What’s next, and auto bra?). If it is light colored, the matte texture is a dirt and smudge magnet as well.

That said, its kind of a catch 22 so I’d just go with what works most cohesively.

a bit OT, but related. i think i messed up my iPhone (3GS). It had some light scratches on the back (to be expected), so I figured i’d go at it with some No.1 plastic polish. Usually works wonders for all kinds of plastic things to buff out light scratches with a bit of elbow grease and a paper towel. Anyhow, after going over it a few times, the scratches didn’t really come out, but I think I took off what has been referred to as an oleophobic (grease/fingerprint) coating. I always thought the coating thing was just marketing PR, but I do notice the iPhone seems less “slippery” and gets messy fingerprint residue on it more often.

Point being, the texture or coating is only one part of the product, it’s also good to think of how it might be cleaned and/or serviced. I know I’ve had other products in various materials that were either a bitch to clean or easy depending on the texture/surface in question.

As Yo Mentioned, sandblast can be terrible to show shiny wear or dirt magnet. For one, the cintiq tablet I have is super glossy on the surface now where I mouse around, and looks kinda poor, and likewise the mouse bottom is covered in crap. not a good design, IMHO, but others like a nice chrome I have 50’s blender is always appreciated how easy it is to clean and get to a super finish. Right material for the job is key.


The underside Wii mote matte texture is one of the nicest plastic textures I have ever felt, although I have little to no experience with any handheld mobile gadgets over the last few years.