nook color

Just came out from curiosity, anyone know who did the ID for Nook color? I try to google it but find no luck, I quite like how the form been put together :slight_smile:
Any thought on this one?

Ammunition did the first Nook and I imagine the new one.

Fuse project did this one.

Good god does it have a slow processor. Nook is kind of taking the back door into the And-tab market. I’m curious to see how they move forward.

Brett: I played with one over christmas and thought it was perfect. I don’t mind compromise in something I would use 99% of the time for reading static text.

but the laggy page turns didn’t bug you?

I don’t remember it being that bad…but it was two months ago:/ We don’t have B&N in Canada, otherwise, I would play with it again.

On a side note…played with an iPad again this weekend. I tried the keyboard. What a POS. I couldn’t type a sentence without banging the wrong buttons. These things are not good for creating anything.

I also saw the nook color at Best buy and really appreciated the ID work. The subtle little chamfer on that lower corner adds a lot to it without overstating. Although, I dont exactly know why it is there, possibly part of an antenna? The casing material is perfect. I am not afraid to hold it, unlike high gloss surfaces that leave finger prints all over. I didnt mind the lag, although I am used to the standard e ink nook, which is a constraint of the material. All in all, I thought it was nice, although I dont think I would take it over the standard nook (I dont need color to see text in black).

On the back side of the chamfer is where the memory card slot is. The cover is trapezoidal shaped and slides in and out fairly agreeably. It’s a nice subtle little form cue with the opening making a kind of carabiner.
I agree the grippy surface is pretty great to hold.
Nookbooks & PDFs are trickier for page turning, but you can also read Google e-books easily which are better anyway.
The reason it’s color is for the web browser and videos. You’re getting an android tablet for less than half the price of the IPad and Galaxy, so it’s tough to complain about processor speed.

It also evokes a dog eared page… subtle connotation to the book. Nice.

Just came across this article on jailbreaking a Nook to run Android apps. Pretty attractive actually.

Its most impressive feature was the price, a 7" color screen for $250, less than half the price of a Samsung Galaxy. Pretty good deal if browsing the web is all you plan to do, of course no apps or camera. Construction felt a little flimsy to me, not quite as solid as a Galaxy or iPad, but for that price you can buy two. :laughing: