Noob Question

hi all, I am new to 3D Cad and would like to ask which rendering program goes best with rhino?

Thanks for your replies in advance.

“best” means something different to each person.

what do you want to render? what sort of output will you need? animation? realistic or stylized? output to print, web, video, computer based presentation, all of the above? do you need a quick and dirty tool you can learn in a week or an all purpose bells and whistles country-in-the-middle-of-europe-with-lots-of-languages-and-mountains army knife? sorry, tired and slaphappy.

cheap? any price? need to work with any other package or just rhino?


While being far from the best rendering package out there, I would suggest Flamingo for any new Rhino user. It’s relatively easy to understand.

For more advanced stuff, I would look at 3D Studio Max, Maya and Cinema 4D. I’ve used them all (Cinema is probably my favorite), but Flamingo is a painless addition to Rhino.

Now go make some materials!!