Noob - Looking for advice.

Hello all,

I’m interested in starting to draw product/auto/spacecraft, etc design. I’ve always doodled…nothing great, nothing finished…just chicken scratch if you ask me. But, what i’m looking for is almost a step by step process, tutorial if you will, about how to start drawing. Any books, sites, suggestions, are all welcome.

Thank you,

Look in the sticky’s

there is one titled Book on sketching skills

ID sketching . com is nice too. Get some books. There are lots.

The only real secret to drawing is to draw all day everyday.
All the basics can be found all over the internet by using google.
Inspiration and motivation is another topic.
Wish you the best, and happy sketching =D has some good tute’s as well. Check out the demos above in the sketching section.

Thanks for the help, appreciate it. But, do you think there is such a site, or book, etc. that would start from the very very basics and then work your way up from there?

My biggest problem with actually sitting down and drawing, is that I freakin’ over analyze it to death, looking for explicit directions…which is basically why after many years, I still haven’t practiced my drawing. :stuck_out_tongue: Blah.


the way we learn in school to not over analyze is your drawing professor will assign an outrageous number of drawings due in a small amount of time (like 100 sketches by tomorrow) this usually does the trick, even if they are crap, just crank because you have to. Once you find out how easy it is once you start, it’s just a matter of practice.

I’d set an assignment for yourself, and follow through. Say, “I need to sit down tonight and draw 100 cubes on 5 pieces of paper, NO MATTER WHAT( even if they are crap, they’re just cubes) and I can’t have a beer until they I’m done.” then throw them all into the garbage and do it again, but with cylinders, spheres, rectangles, cones, half spheres. Mix em up and start adding shading. you can’t get anymore basic than this.

Start simple, and work up from there. I just saved you $10,000 in tuition. :wink:

Owkey, not sure if i’m allowed to do this but this is the link my teacher gave me to a powerpoint presentation he made about basic drawing skills. Believe me, this thing is worth taking a look at!

great presentation!

Hey thanks, bennybtl. That’s some great advice. I’ll do that.

Carmenelera, thanks a lot for the presentation! Perfect.

Thank you for your advice. That definitely helps.


I second that! can you give us some more info to attribute the presentation to?


Awesome set of info, especially love the last page.

Always wanted to use a perspective grid to underlay a sketch; gives me a bit more initiative to actually give it a shot now.

Nice presentation indeed. Are there any others? Where does this guy teach?

This is the portfolio: Thomas Valcke in Gent, Belgium

And this is my school, it’s in Belgium, so the website is not in English but Dutch…
Howest, de Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen