Non-Yellowing Clear resin...any ideas

Dear all,
I am trying to find a clear polyester resin for casting some objects.
i’ve read that through time it will become yellow because of the UV and the daylight.
is there any treatment or process or even a material to avoid yellowing?
thanks all

elio :open_mouth: [/b]

i would try some of the clear epoxy casting resins. i think they hold up better to UV in clear.

i try epoxy resin but it didn’t work
it become yellow after few monthes

The googles gave me these.

Check out the Crystal Clear Line of product.

Man the google really kicks out the answers.

crystal clear is what i’ve used and it’s an epoxy, i havent had the stuff out in the sun for long though… it did turn out pretty nice though.

Try a urethane resin.