Non-skid bumper or coating

I am working on a few items that require a non-skid, non-marking bumper or coating. My parts are Stainless steel, Corian, and HDPE

I have been looking primarily for adhesive backed bumpers, however these must be extremely strong as the parts will go into a dishwasher and be potentially be exposed to other heat and moisture sources (these are kitchen products). Does anyone know of industrial strength adhesive backed bumpers that would withstand these rigors? Are there bumpers that are applied in another way that are more permanent? I think of glass cutting boards…they must go in the dishwasher. The ones I have owned have not fallen off over many years of use.

I’m also considering another route: some sort of applied finish. Something like what’s used with Compact Desk’s lovely products. See the attached image, which shows the bottom of the box with a dotted texture. This texture is actually small dots of a rubber coating that creates a non-skid surface. It is listed as a AFS micro texture. I’m not sure if that’s the technical name or not. I’m wondering if anyone knows this material, process, and who might be able to apply it.

Any help would be appreciated.

compact desk.jpg

would it be possible to have some sort of molded rubber bumpers screwed or press fit through a hole to do the trick? I don’t know of any specific adhesive bumpers (don’t really do consumer products much), but generally think some sort of mechanical attachment of the bumpers and product would work…


I’d love to have these bumpers attach mechanically in some way, but one of the key materials I’m using is 16 gauge steel and I can’t have anything showing on the non-bumper side.

Is there any sort of fusing technique that provides a more permanent bond of rubber to steel and/or other materials?

You’d be surprised what happens when you type “rubber to metal bonding” into Google:,GGLR:2006-18,GGLR:en&q=rubber+to+metal+bonding

ThomasNet is another great tool for your kit.