Non-outsourcing products

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Kind of followed from other posts, I am wondering what are the products/services that need ID skill and is not affected by overseas outsourcing, at least at this current state?

Like GE bought RCA to acquire NBC, that way they remove competition from oversea to protect bottomline from other products.

Any ideas?


That’s a pretty tall order, or so it seems to me.

It has gotten to the point that just about every product or service can be found/manufactured in any industrialized country. And if a product or service is available that does not use outsourcing, there’s a pretty good bet that a competitor offers something similar that is outsourced.

Medical Device manufacturing is highly regulated for saftey reasons, and therefore rarely outsourced. Exception being high-volume disposable manufacturing.

On the flip of that, a lot of disposable, high volume goods are made in the USA, because they usually require little to no human interaction. For example Schick. All of their dipossable products are made in CT, USA (amazing automated manufacturing, assembly, and packaging system BTW) but all of their system razors (replaceable baldes) are made in Asia because the little rubber gripps need to be hand inserted into the metal handles and what not.

I think Bic and Gillete have simiar gigs rolling.

Great stuff! I never think about that, that’s where your expertise came in. So basically any work that requires little or almost none human intervention.

Any other ideas?

Thanks, I will keep that in mind.


Lots of non-traditional design employers out there if you only dare look beyond what they showed you in school.

Start by cutting off all mfrs of consumer products, for one.







… and LOTS more