non-graduate 1-2 year trans/product design studies?

hi all,

i have quite a problem and after a couple of weeks of school and program research i think i need advice from real people :unamused:

i live in spain. i did a three year graphic design degree in madrid (2000-2003) and altough i’ve been working as a freelance for years in that field i want to keep on learning. study in a good northamerican school (my standards aren’t too high since my gd school -istituto europeo di design- is total bullsh*). but i want to do product or car design. no more graphic design for some time, thank you.

the problem is that, apparently, there are just two types of programs in america. undergraduates and graduates, being at least 4 or 2 years respectively. not only because i feel it’s just too much, but because i simply can’t pay it, going for an undergraduate is a complicated option. on the other hand, i guess no school will accept me in a graduate in the first instance, no matter my experience or studies. will they? there’s a two-years-in-one product design course here in madrid soon that might help.

precisely, that’s the kind of thing i would love to do abroad. some sort of hybrid initiation/intensive 2 year transportation design course. does that exist somewhere? where! if not, what should i do?

my father is always telling me that it would be better to do a graphic design graduate/master and then think about it, but my hear tells me it’s the time to take car design seriously. car drawing is the one thing i’ve been doing since i first held a pencil.

btw, i posted my gd portfolio and some sketches here my graphic design portfolio and car design sketches

i would really appreciate any help. best regards,


Check out this list of schools that provide transportation degrees.

Some graduate schools may except you but don’t expect it to take only 2 years. 2 years is more accurate for those who do have an ID undergrad.

Nice sketches!

I like your use of line weights, it looks much more interesting to have the variation.

I usually don’t like car sketches, since EVERY car design drawing sorta looks the same (to me)

Cool work, and good luck bro!

i’ve written to CCS, ACCD and even RISD which doesn’t have transportation design, but AAU has just given me what i was looking for: a two-year second degree graduate which equals a full four-year BFA. it’s what i was looking for: the possibility to intensively study trans design -after a two-years-in-one product design course i’m doing in 2005- without staying in the states for 4 years.

but what’s up with this school? why doesn’t anyone seem to care about it? do you know anyone who has done transportation design there? i’ve heard that they don’t require portfolios: bad idea!

i would really need some updated points of view, i just can’t pay me 4 years abroad and this seems to be my opportunity.

You can’t go to a trans school for 2 year… if you are serious about transportation design.
There is a reason why some kid in CCS studied 5 or even 6 year … they repeat their senior year again and again just so that their skills is good enough for the transportation industry.
If the Art school never ask for your portfolio during admission( like AAU!?). I don’t think that’s the kind of art school you should be going for. I can tell you now that most art school here requires a portfolio before acceptance. If you are looking into CCS trans dept… you might want to beef up your skill a bit more. From what you shown on the sketch, you have a loooooooooong way to go before you can even get into trans or product. (sorry if I am harsh, just being honest)
Although that probably don’t answer your question for degree in America, but if you study in some European school, I believe you can do exchange program in American school, for example: Strate College Designer by Paris.
As far as Graduated degree. Most art school requires a under-grad degree in some kind of art related major. But since you are European, different country has different system, you might be able to talk to the American school about having TOEFL entrance exam instead of following the regular procedure.
I personally think that you should look into grads school in Europe because if price is a headache for you. For example, Royal College of art charge relatively low for European, but $ 30,000- $ 40,000 a year for non-European ( correct me if I am wrong). Why should you pay more for similar education?
good luck on your degree search, buddy! Spain is a beautiful place!