non-english design blogs


I am looking for design blogs written in a non-english language.
This way I can develop my linguistic skills and feed my interest in design.
Who knows I might learn a thing or two!

I read the core77 board rules, I have no intention to post anything against the rules of this board. I might be on shaky ground though. So let me know if a threat with the purpose of linking to other design blogs is allowed. I am not looking to replace core77. I’m just interested in a new perspective!

Until now my findings are:
Portuguese -
Dutch -


Welcome aboard Matthijs!

No foul at all. Core is an international community, and I’m sure some of our friends will share their favorites.

In the mean time, googling “Italian design blogs” (as an example) brought up pages of them.

Niemand? Personne? Nessuno? 誰でも? 任何人?

guess not . … … .

Haha Lew :wink:
Thanks for your suggestion! Google keeps hitting me up with blogs written in English.
I just found out you can advanced search in any language, found nothing yet but I think persistence is the key here.

Although suggestions are still very welcome!

I found this italian/ english blog that looks pretty good:

A friend started this one a few years ago, it is specially focused on Spanish design

The readers are mainly from Spain, Chile and Argentina. There are reviews to products, design philosophies, famous designers and contest and things like that.

a favorite of mine

AXIS magazine is an ID magazine from Japan, and has both English and Japanese side-by-side so I think it would help anyone wanting to study Design and Japanese. I believe they have an iPad version.

come to visit, is in italian and english