Non Disclosure Agreement

hey i was guessing how to show something in my portfolio that i really shows my desgning capabilities but at the same time, is unde a non disclosure agreement?Clients say dont show it, can i show in negative? any idea?

Sorry, contracts are contracts. You need to wait until the client shows it to the public. It is the price of getting to work on intellectual property.

Example: I designed a “shark fin” look for a telecommunication devise in 1998. The client showed the model at a small trade show. Within 3 months Radio Shack had and continues to have a “shark fin” telecommunication devise. Moral: The client did not wait for a design patent and lost all market-share.

This is why your client does not want you to show it.

respect them as you would ask to be respected.

thanx u guys. ya now i am confident it is moral to refrain from making it expicit and hey, thanx for the example, that really set it on the right note THanx