Non-design background to Masters in ID

Hello everyone, my first post here! This is an insanely useful forum and I’m really happy to post here :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking to break into the design space for a long time now…I have a background in Electronics for undergrad, and over the last year I’ve worked on several projects majorly for UX Research and Web design(quite a lot - UI and dev both). I am looking to apply to ID courses this year, and am scratching together a portfolio.

My major skill on the creative side is Origami…which I’ve been doing for very long and I’m quite decent with it. Some work here : Akhil Oswal | Flickr
My sketching is just average. I have worked for a couple of installation pieces though.

What I really need to know is if origami is acceptable as a strong-point for applications to ID. I am trying to learn better sketching on the side, but I dont know what all I need to do to get into a decent program, looking in US mostly.

I really need your advise guys, cause applications will start in a month…

PS : I have a pretty average GPA by Indian standards…and translated to US scale GPA that looks even poorer… does this matter for ID programs? I just gave the GRE though and got quite a decent score…will that help in any way?

Thanks for reading, hope to get your inputs

The origami is definitely some cool stuff, but it gives you no shortcut. I would recommend a 3-year program instead of a 2-year program.

Thanks for the reply! The duration increase doesn’t really bother me as long as I learn… However I would love to know how to get admitted to the program… and which schools might be open to accepting me with average sketching skill… But am otherwise all right portfolio… Also I have a few small projects in graphic design… couple of logos and banners… Does that count towards an ID portfolio?
Thanks again


I think that you should try your best to make your portfolio as interesting as possible. First impression counts.

Meanwhile, you have to really improve your ID skills and look for more inspirations in design. Because you are not only aiming to get into the course but to graduate as well.

Good luck!

A lot really depends on the type of graduate program you’re applying to, too. Different schools and programs have different foci, and a strong product portfolio may not be the most important part of the entrance criteria. Learn as much as you can about the nature of the programs you’re applying to, and try to figure out a way to show them you would be an asset to those programs.

Thanks for the inputs guys! It means a lot!
I am working on my sketching skills and will do as much as possible within the deadlines. I have a quite a bit of experience in designing websites(and coding)…and almost a years work experience in UX. Will this help my application in any way?

I have been reading through here and on school websites…and collected that Illinois Inst of Tech, Georgia Tech, Pratt, Arizona State Univ amongst others have 3 year programs. Auburn offers a PostBacc Environment Design course before applying to ID. Which of these might have the strongest foundation courses but are yet attainable by someone with relatively weaker background? I am willing to put in as much effort as possible to sketching.

If these are all beyond my reach, please let me know some colleges I can apply to that might have strong 3 year courses. Thanks a lot.