non-automobile transportation design

If I was interested in designing bicycles, motorcycles, trains, etc. (pretty much anything that isn’t a car, truck, or van) would it be better to go into a transportation program or just a standard ID program? Specifically talking about Cincinnati.

i am currently on a transportation design course but like you i am more interested in non car transportation so bikes etc.

i think i made the right choice in choosing transport over id because i have learned the skills i would of learned in ID. but i have more freedom to do the kind of projects i like. but like any course you will do projects you wont like but thats just life

on my course i have done
cars bikes motorbikes boat trains lorrys diggers

Check out Coventry University in the UK - as far as I know they are introducing a ‘motorcycle design’ course, which is again kinda limited but obviously different to typical car design.

Maybe call up a couple of consultancies who specialise in train design, aircraft design, etc., and see what their designers have typcially studied.

you should try and contact the head of DAAP’s trans dept Brigid O’Kane, and also Soo-Shin Choi, who is in ID but came from the Segway team. It’s the start of the school year so you’ll have to be persistent, and call at 8:00am when your likely to catch someone actually at their desk.

It’s an interesting time - with Detroit taking ever fewer co-ops the trans students are having to cultivate new channels…I know there have been jobs at major bike mfrs, but the other trans categories don’t groom talent on the same scale as Detroit (or used to).

UC has aeronautical engineering too…