Is there anyone here who works with dress/casual (non-athletic)?

I design shoes at Kenneth Cole.

do mens casual dress an athletic/casual.

I’m the senior designer for Sperry Top-Sider

Why do you ask?

non athletic?
i don’t know, go ask the PISStons


I’m the senior designer for Sperry Top-Sider

Why do you ask?

Because I would like to know who to discuss things with. :smiley:

*Oh, and I ADORE the cute boat shoes that you guys came out with!!

HEXHEAD is your best resource for design and development in this area.

If you are going to shamelessly plug yourself, get the site up and running first eh:

I’m not sure it is the BEST resource in this area, but thanks for making us aware.

…and this has to do with dress/casual shoe design how?

pistons what? what? 2-2

I am Vivienne Westwood, what the heck do you want?

I work right accross the board form Athletic to skyscraper heels.

yea… what what what ?

your mom.

Hi all,
This is my first time posting on this site… just want to let everyone know that I am a fashion footwear designer. For two years, I designed high-end women’s shoes in France and Italy. After taking a little break I am ready to get back into it and am looking to relocate in Spain.

I’d love to see some of you non-athletic designers’ work!

hi there, not many of us here - but good to see someone who does non athletic.

Will you be working in Elche?

Hey Shoenista,

I am aiming for Mallorca but would love to be in or around Alicante as well… Have you worked in Elche?

Would you have any tips on finding work in Spain? I’ve contacted a few companies and am planning on flying there at the end of the month to meet them in person. How does that sound?


I’ve worked in Elche, Elda and Alicante, Crevillente and around that area but never Majorca - that’s visiting factories but not working for them full time.

I think to go and visit them would be a great idea.

But do bear in mind that the shoe trade is having a very hard time there as even more production is ending up in China. :frowning:

i’m in the non athletic shoe business too…you can discuss whatever you want with me!

hey h exhead

nice website, is it from the eighties?

Just got back from WSA, did any of you attend? I’ve been designing womens dress, casual and mens.

No, WSA is not fashion forward enough for it to be worth me visiting. (I make some of my money from writing show reports for clients).

I’ll be attending MICAM and GDS next month though.