Non Athletic Footwear Companies

I’ve noticed that a majority of those that post are into the athletic side of footwear. I was wondering if there was any information as far as internships go and just those that work outside of that realm.

Examples would be Steven Madden, Stacey Adams, Robert Wayne…etc

Do these companies offer internships?

they do. thats how i got into the business im in and i must say, i initially was focused on athletic, but i love the “brownshoe” business now that im in it.

alot of the brownshoe companies are part of bigger corporations. Wolverine worldwide, weyco group, brown shoe, etc. good place to look for jobs at these companies is

Don’t know if these should be classified as trainers or brownshoes, but I love them. Just wished mine wouldnt have been killed by snow in Austria.

No career page there though, which is a shame.

Thanks for the link and the info.

I am looking at the fashion casual approach for shoes…

Aldo, Steve madden…etc

keep them coming

Good election Kersh,cause Im on that way,there´re other options.Dont know nothing about internships and stuff like that sorry.

Pretty much any “fashion” company will hire you as an intern, you just probably won’t get paid, or get paid very little. With this being the case, I’d go big, if you are going to work for free, at least get some killer experience.

This is true, i know when i was looking for internships i found that kenneth cole offered them but they were unpiad… in nyc… which is rough! Luckily i didnt have to go that route. Not that i wouldn’t have liked it, but i wasnt trying to be any more broke than i already was.