Nokia N9

Well, hello everybody, I’m kinda new around. Kinda odd way of introducing myself, but whatever.

Anyways, did anybody see the new Nokia N9 in action?..

I don’t know, but I’d buy it. It comes with MeeGo OS, and I’m already glad since:

  1. I think that apps might come with Symbian app support.
  2. As far as I searched, it seems it will come as well with a app that will support Android applications, which should be interesting as well.

Other than that, looks like a decent cellphone, especially with 32 GBs of space. I mean, I at least have a lot of music.


I was totally digging this when I first saw it, especially the slightly curved glass AMOLED display. The hardware in general looks awesome (I think). Looks fairly intuitive but I feel that I’m going to need to play around with it a bit before I make too many judgements…

It’s funny, I watched the video with Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia’s SVP of Design, and I instantly thought of the way Microsoft introduced the arc touch mouse with Young Kim…

btw, welcome to the boards! (I’m sort of new, too)

I feel like such a slob when I hear foreigners speak better english than me. Ugh.

I don’t know how I feel about this. First impression was that it was about time someone made a phone around the 5 year old Apple iPod Nano (September 2006). The rest looks like iOS / Android. Thought it was funny that they use machined PC for the enclosure. Weird.

I’m not that good at English, but…thanks, I guess xD

Yeah, indeed, I kinda had the same feeling. But still, its simple and it feels like it is a smartphone, and just that. And I like it.

so if you like the N9 have you seen this: Sneak peek at Nokia's first Windows Phone 7: Looks just like the N9 | ZDNET

It’s basically a sneak peak of Nokia’s first WP7 offering. It looks exactly like the N9…

The problem with Meego is that everyone is unsure that Nokia will continue supporting it after Microsoft has settled in. So 6months down the line you might end up with no support. I know a few people that have worked on Meego and it does look really impressive. Seems to be a much more complete experience than say, when WP7 was launched. But, annoyingly, there’s still a lot of doubt that they’ll release the N9, or any Meego Phone in the UK.

All this goes to show that Nokia still has a really impressive industrial design team. In my opinion it’s a lovely phone and shows that even in a world where everything is just a black glossy rectangle, you can still have a bit of fun with the design