Nokia, Ericsson design fims

Hi all,

does anyone of you know who is doing the designs for Nokia, Ericsson and others ? I know that most of all Nokia is doing a lot of thier designs themselves. But they must also give out some of the designs.
I am most of all interested in European design firms.

Thanks in advance.

I dont know who (mostly in house for Nokia) but whoever it is, is doing at crap job - their phones are crap, go asia, they are the ones pushing mobile design

Whow…whow… Nokia’s design is not crap, if their design is crap, so how come most people in my country use them, I found it easier and more fun, it is one of the easiest interface you’ll ever find. I don’t know who designs them, i did try to do the same thing, i was looking for Jonathan Ive’s e-mail address. There are rumours that Nokia doesn’t their own design, I don’t believe it though. …sorry can’t help. why are you asking anyway?

Sony/Ericson has a design campus in North Carolina

Industrial Designers (2)
Friday, April 16, 2004
Location: Research Triangle Park, NC
The Sony Ericsson Creative Design Center is looking for two talented, motivated industrial designers to complement their US studio.

From what I have been told (through a sales call) they have an “aboundent amount of on-site designers to develop their products” (quote from VP of product development), but here is a chance for two more designers to get their foot in the door.

Nokia partnered with DesignworksUSA to develop many of its products prior to the acquisition of DesignworksUSA by the BMW Group.

Nokia has a design department in Calabassas, California

:unamused: I have the same question with U.In east Asia market,Motorola consign other asia Design House to design some cellphones.I just heard that Nokia didn’t ask other design company to design their phones except CDMA cellphone.I believe Nokia has owned design studio so Nokia stick at themselves style.BTW,noboby use and sell Nokia mobile in Korea and Japan,because of the Bar-style.But I like Nokia and the bar-style phone.

what is up with that?