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That one seems like a home run to me. Story. Environmental (reuse). Health.

Very, very well done.

That is pretty genius… the more you drink, the bigger thing you can build…

pretty cool site, nice visuals.

the concept is clever. reusable packaging that appeals to the target market. solid. i can see soccer moms and dads breaking open the coolers after a game and handing out y waters, and the kids playing with them after. but i do have some doubts:

  1. is the product really necessary? I understand there is a need for a healthy kids drink given most stuff available that appeals to them is super sugary and low in nutrients. but a “organic water” thats low calorie? arent kids suppossed to be running around, using up a lot of energy? how about not taking them to burger king every meal instead.

  2. im starting to hate the word “organic”. it has lost its meaning. people just slap it on products when most dont even pass muster. organic water? isnt all water organic?

but then again, im in the generation that rejects direct marketing influence.

the building aspect could really get kids demanding more Y water to build with as Yo alludes to, so that’s pretty cool from a marketing standpoint. As the website says “the packaging is the hero” so let’s hope they got the “water” right.

I would agree that advertising water as organic and 0 cal. seems unnecessary as those are things that I would expect from water, but if this is successful, even worse will be the similar claims on a plethora of other water products to follow.

I didn’t really realize it until the discussion on here turned to the marketing side. I had tuned it out 100%. I focused solely on the product and the idea that it was a drink for kids. “Organic”, “Zero Cal”…tuned out. Didn’t even register.

Am I completely desensitized to BS marketing or is the product concept good enough to make me ignore the rest?

three things

  1. the age group that they are targeting MIGHT build and play with the y thing but only if the have a sat moringing cartoon to drive it, if not its back to the nintendo or wii for them.

  2. With the bugaboo over germs how many will even get used as intended with the perception of all them “bugs” brewing inside.

3.The containers will still end up in the land fill, sorry thats the way it is and engineering resins are bloody hard to recycle.