No replies....What should I do?

I applied several jobs and did get a few offers. However, there are a couple of companies never gotten back to me, even after my follow-up-resume-submission letters. I was wondering if it would be pushy of me to write them again ragarding the open positions? If not, how should I approch my question? Thanks for all your help in advance!! :slight_smile:

Did they actually have an opening? If not, then you can’t expect a reply. If in fact they did request information then I would call them up, email, and/or snailmail them till they give you an answer. (every 1-2 weeks.) Chances are they aren’t interested but its always nice to know for sure.

well, they post a listing on a jobsite, so i guess they have an opening. i just want to know how to tell them that i am still very interested in the job w/o bing pushy…i have sent them two follow up letters, i told them how i sent them my resume but didn’t hear back from them…it has been a month, the listing is still there, but no still no reply… :frowning:

One of the hardest things about searching for a job is that your on the employers scheadual not yours. I have known designers to got right up to 3 interviews with the same company and the not hear a peep from them. I personally have applied for a opening and then was contacted 6 months later. (and I had not heard a response from them to any of my follow ups) They then wanted to fly me out, and were seemingly upset that I was no longer interested because I had already accepted a new job. ( it almost seemed as if they had wanted me to call them and let them know I was no longer looking) … It can be very frustrating and confusing, and there is a fine line between being persistant and annoying. It all depends on how bad you want the job. Keep in mind there are lots of reasons why they don’t call back every person… filled the job internally, job no longer available, person hiring got fired or left, your resume got lost in the shuffle… and they can go on.

Definitely contact the right people at the no-response places, let them know you have recieved some offers you are considering, but their company would be a first choice or something like that. Then keep your contacts going even after accepting a job, you never know when you’ll take a job where the environment sucks or you just don’t fit, then you contacts are still hot and you can let your new place know you are leaving for x reason before they have invested a lot in you, and all their contacts are still hot so everybody gets a minimal amount of screwing. Employers appriciate a proffesional attitude with things like that.