no one mentions color design profession


I notice no one ever mentions the color design profession. Maybe, because most people don’t have jobs in this area as they are a unique position, mostly females by trade.

Just wondering what is the normal salary for someone in the automotive color design profession in the Detroit area???

From my understanding, there is a high demand for “Color and Trim” designers. A friend of mine recented was hired by GM as such. Most fresh grads want to be hired as a “designer”, but not everyone gets the placements.

Glad to know that but how much money do they make???

I need the income per year 40k or 50k or 60k??

Please answer based on junior level designer 3 - 5 years experience.


I’ve heard of trend research or trending (documenting what to copy IMO) - not sure if they are closer to design or marketing - they pick the latest hot colors and styles - I think you may not hear a lot about a color specialist because they go by other titles, and have additional tasks besides just researching colors.

I’ve heard of

Color Designer
Color Specialist
Color and Trim Designer
Research Designer
Textiles Designer

But no seems to know what they make. Interseting since this is supposed to be a design website and there is not one person that can put an income to this profession. Things that make you go Hmmmmm!!!

Haha I am not close enough to that friend such that he will tell me how much he’s making, but he did come back to visit in a newly bought car. A BMW 1600!

I suppose it wouldn’t be worse than a fresh grad hired as a product designer. All of they say “not much”, but anything is better than nothing these days.

A BMW 1600? What’s that? A 1-series?

It’s pre-2002 but looks just like it.

Granted it’s a cool car, but not really indicative of a high-paying job.

A friend of mine works for a trend prediction company and they do car colours on a consultancy basis - not all of it is in house - probably because it doesn’t take much time to do? I dunno. She trained as a shoe designer and that’s what the agencys’ (and her) main work is.

I think the pay is ok, but we are not talking rock star wages either…

What mind numbing work! I would have to kill myself before I even got my first paycheck.