No More Barnes & Noble (Color) Nook

They are a piece of crap anyway.

I have one. At the time, it was a half priced Android tablet. Great value. Now, they are just a hobbled version of an Android tablet that costs just as much. If they wanted to boost sales, they just needed to unleash the OS.

The design is 50/50. The good thing is the raised plastic around the screen helps when you use it one handed. You can feel when you are about to slip onto the screeen. The flush screen/bevel designs (iPad included) don’t have this. On the down side, the enclosure was made in too many parts that didn’t really fit together very well. Mine has two corners that are slowly lifting away after 2 years.

I still think it’s a piece of crap.

Strange deal. Why buy a more limited version of a Samsung tab?

My wife inherited my Nook Color. Still great for reading despite the poor build quality. I think the design is better than the Samsung Tab 3 though. Big step down from Apple:(

At $129.99 it’s looking tempting.