No longer Posted

Thanks for the initial feedback. I’ve decided to take this project down in favor of more complete projects.

I can see that thing tipping over. :open_mouth:

Seems like a fun first year design exercise. I personally think graffiti would be an issue with this installation. Be neat to see a full size actual foam or cardboard mockup in the actual space it would sit. Then you could get feedback from people on what they think of it and your goal.

Agreed - the form needs to not only be interesting (to satisfy your goal) but also stable, unless precariousness is a goal.


All through Europe they’ve taken various fountains and retrofitted stainless steel lines, spouts and safe drinking water to blend old world beauty with ecological responsibility - and we all know how wasteful America is, so good job for promoting less waste with a refilling station - but it might also be beneficial (and cool) to graphically communicate the benefits of your monolith - right on its surface, to help nudge and educate first generation wasters.

Also, the surface looks more like ice than SS in your renders.

Thanks for the feedback,
I really appreciate it and will take the advice into account for future projects,
again thank you.