NO jobs in Atlanta ,GA?

I am living in Atlanta GA for about little over one year and after i finished my education, i looked for jobs, it’s not good, ,

In what area of ID?
Laarhoven Design is in ATL for exhibit design.

Philips design, Goody (rubbermaid), In-zone brands, a lot of exhibit companies, a lot of interactive companies, creature, formation, big design, … just off the top of my head.

Atlanta is a tough market. I ended up doing freelance work there with Aquent for about six months, six months prior to that I was working general TEMP jobs answering phones, making copies, selling bathtubs at a trade show, etc… Eventually I landed a job in the northeast and moved there. Its a bad time to be an industrial designer, unfortunately. I came into the field when it was absolutely exploding (late 90’s) but by the time I finished school the party was over and there were no jobs to be had. Keep looking, eventually you’ll find something, but don’t be suprised if it takes a long time. LOTS of people, (lots of talented people) I graduated with are still without jobs, come to think of it, you might be one of them…

Grant Collab. is there also.

Too bad you’re in competition with Portfolio Center and Creative Circus grads.

Kids II is down there too

Most of those companies are VERY small, or have very small design departments. Lots of the exhibit firms and corporate employers just employ one or two designers, and unless one of them leaves, it sure as hell isn’t going to be you (or me). Lots of these smaller firms were founded by just a few people, less than 10 work there, and really aren’t in the position to be negoitiating about your 401K, if you know what I mean. That doesn’t mean they don’t do good work, but they just can’t hire many people.

One of the bigger firms in town is known for its ivory tower mentality (not going to mention who), and from what I’ve seen they don’t hire local new grads. Maybe people from Art Center or something, but its never been anyone I’ve ever known.

Most of the smaller design firms are just trying to keep their own employees busy and try to make sure that their accounts balance.
Usually the only new grads I see getting hired at places like that are interns who had already worked there for 2 or 3 years prior. Add to the fact you’ve got grads from SCAD, Auburn, AND Ga Tech pooling into the market every spring and you’ve got the makings of a flooded market.

So, just because their are several firms listed as being in Atl doesn’t mean its easy to get a job there. I would still be there if it was.

I understand what you are saying. I too lived in Atlanta for a while and was frustrated with my job search. I graduated from the ID program at GATech and had the hardest time finding a job, at least a decent one. Like someone mentioned before, the firms there are too small and they like to keep their design teams small. You either have to know somebody within the company to get in or be an award-winning designer. I ended up looking for design jobs in other states, in fact I moved to California to be more precise. I’m already working for a pretty good/big gaming company and soon will be moving to one of their creative positions. If you REALLY want a design job then my advice is get out of Atlanta. Consider California, I know there are plenty of opportunities out here and at least they are more promising than just temp jobs for small companies.

Who said it would be easy? Who said they hire a lot? I was just mentioning firms, just like someone asked. Its never ‘easy’ to find a good design job, regardless of where you are.

Your comments seem right though with respect to design in Atlanta, reason why I am not limiting my search to any location. I’ll go where the best opportunity shows up.