No comments on "Firm Projects" for Patagonia undies etc.

Huh? Core seems to have mostly constructive interaction, so why disallow comments?

I wanted to comment on Capsule’s package design for Patagonia as I found it surprising, and would have liked to hear others thoughts on a “maximal” redesign for a company so focused on environmental issues. Maybe here?

Not sure, I’ll forward this to the editors.

Hi - the Design Firm Projects section is using content published at and surfacing it at Core77. We created this section mostly as an effort to get greater visibility and exposure for the projects and firms at Design Directory. We’re not adding any editorial - the projects are pulled directly from the firm’s portfolio of projects shown with their company profile.

Best would be to use these forums for commentary, as the project pages are more of a ‘showcase’ for the work of the firm rather than a piece of original content created by the C77 editorial team.

Does that make sense?

Stucon, totally, I think the OP (and I) didn’t realize this was a Design Directory posting, not an article, at first glance. I don’t think it would be appropriate to have comments on Design Directory placement either.

Agreed, thanks to you both for the clarification.