Nissan Pivo 2005 vs Student design 2001

Hi, other designers out there.
I would like to hear your opinion about my grad project in 2001 and Nissan Pivo concept car in 2005.
Last year my old classmate emailed me asking if I had seen the Pivo that looked so much like my design.
I was quite surprised about the similarities and sent an email to Nissan America. I’ve got a response saying that they will contact their design studio
in Japan to inquire about the design. But I haven’t heard back and forgot about the whole incident until another friend of mine told me again about the Pivo design’s resemblance to my work.
Well, there could be many similar designs and I understand that as a designer myself.
But I’m curious about other designers’ opinions because these two designs are very similar.
Could it be just a coincidence?
Here is the link to the images of my design vs Nissan Pivo side by side.

I’m looking forward to hear your opinion.

That’s too close to be coincidence. If it was something like saying the new Toyota Camry resembles the new Impala, I’d say it’s just coincidence. But these concepts are very unique and incredibly similar.

I’d guess that one of their designers saw your design, stored it away in their head and used it as inspiration for their own concept. Flattering, I suppose.

Before we start jumping to conclusions, let’s get all the facts. Did you present your concept at a show at school? Do you happen to know any of the designers currently at Nissan? Do any of them attend that show?

Let’s not let this turn into the Kestrel/Orbea ordeal.

I personally don’t think that the form is very unique, therefore I think it’s more of a coincident. Perhaps what will be more important is if your concept behind your project shares any similarity with the Nissan concept.

i agree with the cow…

I have seen that approach for years, even back in the 70’s for micro cars.

Did your concept’s cabin rotate 180 degrees?

I agree with cow too? I see several designs every year that are simlar to this.
When I saw the Nissan for the first time a while back I was surprised that they bothered building a form that has been done so often.

I totally understand where you’re coming from, specifically with all your friends pointing it out, but I agree with the above folks, it’s just logical packaging for transport, but you don’t have to take my word for it…

Herald Belker sketched it on his first Gnomon video - center right

and Cinderella was rolling in that steez way back

The real question is was your work published in a manner that would have made it something Nissan would have seen?

Did you win any competitions with it? Mail it out to companies, etc?

It is very similar, but truth is in auto design originality is rare. Unless you have precident for saying it was stolen, I don’t think theres anything you can do.

Even if you WERE ripped off, there are enough differences to make it so you have no legal recourse whatsoever. I’d just be flattered you were 4 years ahead of Nissan. :smiley:

Wow, I was surprised to see so many responses.
I really don’t blame anybody. I’m glad that a designer from a real car manufacturer had thought of the same styling as mine and I had shown it to the public earlier. Our grad show was open to public for a month and thousands of people came to see the student works.
Also, I had entered the International Car Design Competition by the Car Styling magazine and had advanced to the final round.
My design among with other finalists was printed and circulated. Car Styling magazine is subscribed by most if not all car designers. The Nissan designer must have seen the magazine and had it imprinted in his subconscious mind.
I’ll look up the magazine and upload the image if I could dig it out of my boxes in the basement. If any of you had subscribed the magazine in 2001, could you look it up?

“The Nissan designer must have seen the magazine and had it imprinted in his subconscious mind.”

That’s quite a statement! You did read the responses you solicited, right?
You have asked for peoples opinion about whether we thought the idea may have been copied from yours and nearly every answer you received was that it is a very common form for a concept vehicle.

HI, Jaded.
I’m sorry if my expression was too strong. I did not mean it.
I personally don’t believe in original design except for the nature.
I think all man made designs are conscious and subconscious reproduction of what we’ve seen in the past. That’s what I meant to say.