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just saw the new nissan note something that’s crossed my mind before returned. is nissan outsourcing it’s design work to renault. I have seen it in other concepts from nissan before, I nissan is selling a rebagded renualt van. nissan & renault is working together, but was is renault getting out of this (other than perphaps money)?[/url]

Renault owns Nissan.

After Renault bought a large portion of Nissan, it seems like Renault designers are working on Nissans. I know Renault sent Carlos Ghosn (business guy) over to Nissan to fire about half the engineers and close alot of innefficient factories (mostly in Japan, not the US).

This was actually a good thing. Nissan was way behind in the platform curve. They used to engineer every single car seperately, even if they were close in size and product category. Big waste of money and resources.

I think Ghosn also brought some of the boys from Le Quemont’s team at Renault over to shake things up in Nissan’s studio, although Hirschberger (I hope I spell that right) is still the director of Nissan design in LA. Certainly the design has taken on a bit of a euro-flare to it.

i thought Hirshberg retired.

I don’t believe he did. I tried searching in the IDSA member search, but he didn’t turn up at all there. I also googled him, but he’s all over the place. I didn’t find a news article saying he retired. I remember seeing his name pop up recently in auto show news, but perhaps I’m just seeing things again.

i remember it. and found this.

[edit - this looks interesting. ]

It was mentioned at last years auto show that he would be retiring soon, of course that had been the running rumor for awhile, so hard to say if he is going to hang it up, or if he is doing the Cher style, never ending ending.

he was appointed to the board of directors at NNA. but not listed in latest brochure. and corporate site lists someone else as interim design head at NDI. probly left officially but consults. maybe ready to retire from that too now.

Is the rebadging just a design commonality or is it cost cutting at its greatest. The drawback is the original design content of the model and the prior history and continuation of the design model design theme attributes. Good luck

I read a news some time back in the newspaper which stated Nissan heading to Indian subcontinent for their work outsourcing. SOhas the pawns started moving? Nissan starting onto cost cutting and getting ready fr the design outsourcing/ back-end support bandwagon? after GM, Dcand a lot more?

Renault and Nissan design in Japan have an exchange program where each company sends 2 designers to the other company for 2 years. Except for these 4, designers for both companies are not allowed to see what the other guys are doing. However, there is a sharing of information among the top design management of each company to avoid that the cars resemble each other… Recently another exchange program has been established between Renault and Nissan’s studio in San Diego, but with only 1 designer for a one year period. The Nissan Note theme was strongly influenced by one of the Renault designers who was there at the time, but I’m sure they didn’t intend to make a Renault clone. The only rebadged Renaults sold as Nissans are two cargo vans (Kangoo and Trafic developed with Opel) and a Clio sedan sold in Mexico. There are no Renault rebadged Nissans that I know of.

I visited Renault’s Paris facility… I was with Pratt we were lucky enough to get the full tour of the design area… From concept cars to there car and truck Dept… This was lead by the head of Renault Design… Tols us about the exchange of designers between Reanualt and Nissan… bUt what was the most interesting thing he said was that had more invested in Nissan than there own company (this was 2 years ago , it may have changed now) but I thought that was a wild statement…

Either way Nissan and Infiniti are coming up quick in the their design… But I do see the French Renault influnce…

This is a follow up on the Renault/Nissan design. This is a pic of the 3rd top selling car on the Japanese market, the Nissan Tiida. If it isn’t a Renault Megane without the weird hatch, I don’t know what is!

that car is coming to the USA. for only $12,000 base price…cheaper then a scion. i can not wait to tune that car.

The nissan is a Japanese automobile brand, and occupying a place on the market on international car market.Nissan released the new type cars of a series on the market in China.

The nissan is a Japanese automobile brand, and occupying a place on the market on international car market.Nissan released the new type cars of a series on the market in China.