Nissan Bevel Concept

This thing is nice:

Yo, you really think so?

I thought it was kind of awkward when I saw it. The rear end seems really heavy especially with the asymmetrical window treatment. I’m also not so in to the metallic doo-doo brown color.

I guess the headlight and grill treatment is kind of interesting though. Like Lite brite.

It’s super awkward,and the color is unfortunate (they love brown over at Nissan Design America for some reason)

but something about it that sticks out. It is memorable, and the front end forms are a bit of Marc Newson o21 meets the old Vector to me:

It does stand out, but in a diminuitive sort of way. It seems apparent that awkwardness and assymetry was the idea, but with the strength of a concept word like “bevel” I was expecting something more pronounced and edgy. I think the name “mighty mouse” would better characterize the look.

It is unique, but not my taste.

That’s pretty sweet!

I’m not into the “shape” of the windows on either one though, the window surfaces are great!, but the shape from a side view could make more sense IMO. Maybe if the top line followed the roofline a bit more.

And the wheels kinda Suck…

The general surfacing is Fun and Clean though! The front end reminds me a little bit of my GTI (MKIV) but taken to the next step.

This feels a lot like the Honda Pilot when I first saw it. I turned my nose up to it. But once I dropped my preconceptions and looked closer I realized that it actually is pretty cool.

The one thing I can’t get my head around on this one is the huge blind spot this thing must have. If it had more glass I would be more inclined to be friendly to this concept.

It won’t lower property value wherever its parked, unlike the Aztek…so that’s a good thing.

The side profile/contours (side window shapes and how they flow into the C and D pillars) come from the Nissan Armada/Infiniti QX56.

This feels a lot like the Honda Pilot when I first saw it.

Element…I meant Honda Element.

The Element looks great lowered and black. But I didn’t really start liking it until Gil The Crab said " i pinch… "


But I didn’t really start liking it until Gil The Crab said " i pinch… "

OK, I am obviously missing out on the pop culture reference here…please enlighten an guy with two young kids that has forgotten what pop culture is!

I dig it.

Just between the melted contour styling and crazy knife edge looks.

Ive always been a fan of the Newson 021C, and this is quite as tight, but I can see your reference, esp in the front grille and short front overhang.

must have one hell of a blind spot though!


Yeah, they really should made that thing, I love the awkward goofiness of it.

I’ve always liked the newson 021c. So innocent looking, like it could do no wrong. The pullout drawer trunk was pretty cool too.

I just remembered a saying i used to hear in school a lot. “You can’t polish a turd”, I think the designers who did the Bevel were trying to prove it wrong. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting that Yo. I saw it on the TV this weekend and wanted to post some images along with the 021c. It’s a neat direction to go, I think. Sort of anti-styling, but done better than the Element. I think the marketers must have ordered some styling be put on the Element.

Maybe someone has a post, but I remember Newson said that he didn’t really like cars or follow car design. He designed his around what a normal person would draw if they drew a generic car…and it certainly does look it!

The Nissan doesn’t have a blind spot unless you drive in the passenger seat. People should have enough vision with a well adjusted mirror and looking out the driver’s window to avoid accidents. Truck drivers, at least, will manage.

Just saw it in person today at the autoshow. It’s great. It looks plain on photos, but there are many great details that you just have to see in person. That slightly curved window on the sides are actually glass blocks with some very unique pattern, very architectural.