Nissan 370Z

I really don’t like this one nearly as much as the outgoing 350. The lights (all of them), the new air dam, bumpers, spoiler…I’m sorry but this car looks effeminate, for lack of a better term. The 350 had a macho overtone, a bit of visual muscle. This one looks like it’s kid sister.

Also I find the way the windows cut up at the B pillar a little awkward, and I don’t like the way the taillights wrap up towards the C pillar when viewed from the side.

Personally, as mentioned, I still hold the original 240Z in higher regard when it comes to styling. It wasn’t trying as hard and was better for it.

(I know this is a bit late) and I have to second what was said about cars getting more and more about the itty bitty details only designers notice. Cell phones are the same way, imo. I want my phone to do the basics–call, text, and take pictures–and I want it to do those things well. I want those three things in a package that doesn’t look like it was aimed at grandma. But here’s the list of crap I will never use:

-MP3/music player: I have one already, and I think everyone else does too.
-Song ID thingy: please. Gimmick.
-Touch screen: yeah I know it’s cool, but does it make my three things easier? Not really. The opposite, on some models
-Full keyboard: arguable on this one. Yes, texting becomes easier, but most of the keyboard phones I’ve seen have to sacrifice in other areas to incorporate it. No good if I can’t fit it in my pocket (LG Envy, I’m looking at you)
-Web access: this would be cool but there are very few phones that make it worthwhile, and they’re expensive. I’m sure I’ll add this to my core list in a few years, but for now I don’t feel like shelling out the $$

The list goes on.

And I’ll make that same comparison with cars. I value a vehicle that can nail its core values a hell of a lot more than I value a watered-down vehicle loaded with a million useless options and gee-whiz ideas (not to be confused with genuinely useful advances. Stability control= useful advance. Accent cabin lighting and refrigerated cupholders= vaguely neat, but I’d opt out and save the $ if I could).

If it’s a minivan, make it comfortable, practical, spacious, etc. Don’t give me fifteen movie screens and a card table. It’s excess. I’ll buy a $30 DVD player at Office Depot if I really want to shut the kids up that bad.

If it’s a roadster, focus on the ride dynamics and steering feel, not on frilly crap. I want a seat that’ll hold me steady in a corner and be comfortable for extended rides, not one that’s fully electric and can memorize fifty different settings. Hell I’ll even forgo power windows if you really want to make a purist car–less crap to go wrong, and less weight. Look at Weissmann.

I’m gonna stop ranting now

Ditto to the above comments on this page. However, I just saw a commercial for it and I like it much better in motion than in the images here…I guess the commercial worked? I like the boomerangs more now, although I think they could have been better executed. The thing that bugs me the most is the huge bulky door handle that ruins the clean side profile.

I like the new Z and the new Murano compared to the new Maxima. Still, I still wish Nissan would have evolved the beautiful simple surfaces of the old Murano, 350Z, and the Altima Couple. sigh I guess the current ornamentation trend is to blame.

You know, why do companies jump on “trendy” ideas so fast? What makes them? Usually its stuff that average consumers wouldn’t even notice, so it can’t be that someone’s reading a report called “Consumers Are Really Responding to the Ornamentation Trend This Year.”

I’ve gotta give a respectful nod to Honda on that note–they’re as anti-bandwagon as any auto company can ever get imo, and as a result they continually turn out solid cars that perform well in the market, and they don’t seem to be hit as hard when the market drops out (i.e., currently)

Almost like what BMW did with Bangle’s flame surfacing. Bangles once said that the cars that had the Flame surfacing treatment werent photogenic. I believed him when i saw one for myself.

I think thats what Nissan is going for here. Different. And its working… I havent seen on in person to truly judge this car but from what I can see in the pictures, I love it.

Just like Honda did with the 2009 TL design, looking at it in pictures, it was just… uGHH. But thats where it starts to grow, when you first see it.

Actually all car companies are feeling the pinch right now. Honda too. There is a rumor about Honda leaving Japan (as in moving the headquarters out of japan) because the Gov wont step in to help them.

Yeah, At first I didnt like the Porsche cayman till one day on the highway, one roared its boxer engine past me… i was just… wow.

I have the side view of the 370z hanging on my wall and the forms that designers came up with are awesome.

Cool website btw. I too play with paper clips… lol