Nintendo Revolution controller

bummer that Core homepage has that pic up. it’s the pretty picture. but the design-meat picture shows the nunchuk version. the plug-in capability.


All these years my brother has been telling me that me jerking my controller to the left and right won’t help me win. Now he’ll be wrong! Ha!

I think that’s how they’re doing it: solid-state electronic gyros. Gyration had this technology done well, and then Thomson bought em. Maybe Nintendo had a comparable product, or else they are licensing it from Thomson.

There were great applications for controlling ever-more-complex home media centers, using wide gestures instead of hunting-and-pecking for tiny buttons. Gaming is another obvious solution.


i dont think its going to go down very well with the hardcore gaming comunity.

they are obiously targeting the family fun home market with this product rather than ‘serious’ gamers. wether thats a wize thing to do or not. i dont know.

I agree with Cal on this one. I’m not a gamer, but this doesn’t seem “cool” enough for some reason.

It’s the same thing as a parent trying to get their kid to eat corn flakes for breakfast when all they want is Cocoa-Puffs. Kids are always attracted to what their friends have and what their parents don’t want.

This is exactly what I find “genius” about what they’ve done.

Nintendo will NOT survive by competing head on with XBox or PS, which are clearly aimed at the “hardcore gamer” demo. They MUST differentiate, and a clear way to do this is to focus on a different demo, and unmet needs.

What I’m seeing in these controllers is an emphasis on SIMPLICITY and SOCIAL gaming. This means quick entertainment diversions and “party gaming.” I have a Gamecube for exactly this reason, my wife is turned off by videogames, but likes the simple/fun games like Mario Kart, Wario Ware, Super Monkey Ball, Donkey Conga etc…

XBOX & PS: = Sports & Shooters = INTENSITY & MASTERY
Nintendo = Whimsy & Social gaming = FUN & SPONTENAITY

While MS is hell bent on their agendas of unseating PS and Mediacenter convergence, Nintendo seems to be the only one thinking about the “experience.”

Nintendo is just following the game plan they’ve already laid out. this non-hardcore-gamer controller is in line with announcements from a while back (last year?) on what their focus was going to be. and agree with cg, it’s a smart move. then again. it’s their only move. but at least they recognize it. if they can hit the right price point, their new console could be a real surprise hit.

I think it’s fantastic. And I completely agree with cg, Nintendo seems to be the only one who thinks about the experience and appealing to as wide audience as possible. My partner is a “hardcore” gamer, I grew up playing videogames, yet both of us are really bored with plain old “let’s walk around and shoot bad guys” type of games…And the innovative gaming is what Nintendo has been providing in the past several years.

Nintendo is opening up a completely new market, my mother, my stepdad, my grandparents…people in their 50s and 60s and up. You should see my family playing with Nintendogs…They can’t get enough of it.

have you seen this video before saying that it won’t appeal to hardcore gamers?

So what if they lose some “hardcore” ones ( not that they really had them, anyway…) they will gain a lot more new people that weren’t attracted to video games at all ( like my mom…like some of my female friends…like my grandfather)

I purposely did not post the “numchuck” version as it kills the core concept of a true one-handed game controller.

To add to the differentiation discussion-- the passive gaming comment is right on. I can see this style of controller fueling the design of a whole new type of game that is much more geared towards mind games, board games, etc. Think Tetris-- that game opened video games up to a lot of people who would have never considered touching a Nintendo.

I think it’s very odd. It dosn’t look very stable to use. Kind of like trying to do a task with one hand and while doing something else with the other. At least with the regular controllers, you recieve cognitive instinctive reaction. This could get very old real fast, even it’s targeting non-gamers.

I think your exaclty right on this…

I just cried a little bit… I cannot wait!

Coming from a hardcore gamer, it’s garbage.

For the frat boy party gamers it’s solid gold.

You’re in one camp or the other, neither is cool, heh.

From a console game controller design standpoint it’s boring, cheesy, and gimicky, GIS “Nintendo Powerglove”. I agree with cg’s comments on the kind of market that Nintendo is trying to capitalize on, and good for them, they are the Disney equivalent of video games. At the end of the day though, let’s be honest, a “cool” controller isn’t going to make up for the fact that you’re playing crap games with it.

Great product…but an even greater movie. You gotta love Fred Savage playing a video came Wiz in what amounted to a giant Super Mario Bros. 3 commercial! Nintendo has always been a creative marketing machine…

Yeah, I think they threw some morals to the story in there somewhere about divorced parents, or being an orphan, or some non-sense…

“I love the power glove …”


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