Nike's Mother Nature inspired Shoe.

I heard that nike has some nature inspired shoes that don’t use any glue or plastics. I have been trying to find them but, no luck yet. Does anyone know more about them? I hear that it is part of there " Considered" mission.

a good place to start:

a good little interview with the VP of footwear design: John Hoke about what it all means:

and a quick google search shows tons of places to buy them: REI has them as well:

Tanks alot! :stuck_out_tongue:

any time. curious, what do you think of the philosophy and the product?

Just to throw my 2 cents in, IMO after taking a class about sustainability and realizing how hard it is to make an environmentally friendly shoe, I think the Considered line is damn cool. Nike gets huge props from me. To think about all those life cycles, its complicated stuff. I wasn’t too big on the boot ones, but the mowabbs and the bball inspired ones are sweet. It was a very good idea to basically remake classic shoes into eco friendly versions.

I like the idea behind these and also like the shoes…

I think that designers have to make the world more functional and even more beatiful, but at the same time they also have to seek (with their companies) the health of the planet…they have to be aware of this…

…Back to the shoes…Is there a way to put air sole within them, or it just needs glue and chemicals to do that?

It seems like midsole is just stitched to the upper…very classic mocassin construction…

BTW the idea of doing blocky, geometrically designed to perform midsole/outsoles introduced with free footwear could have a very bright future in many shoe departments…NICE


I guess the philosphy is cool. A lot of the toxins that come as a result of the materials and construction process of regular sneakers are definitly avoidable or atleast they can be reduced. And normally when it comes to a philosphy, especially a eco friendly one, I guess it’s kinda hard to find any harmful flaw.

When it comes to the product, that’s a little different. I’m not really the camping type, so I personally couldn’t see myself strapping on a pair to go hiking but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t wear them. This particular pair shown :neutral_face: eeehhh, I don’t know maybe if I got them for free. I saw some of the other styles in Nike Town about a year ago and thought, “maybe I would wear them.” My personal taste says these 2 are the best:’s%29

My family is from Jamaica and I went to high school there and I know that the whole line would have been a big hit. I know if they were wide enough my father would wear them also. All in all, I think that aesthetically and environmentally they are very good but, I’m curious as to how they feel?

I also wonder about the campaign for it. I really don’t remember seeing any ads for it at all. Any reeason?

good stuff nike. bit on the ugly side, but i like these ones:

this place is good to see alot of the new stuff: (you’v gotta register)

Yo, I forgot to ask you the same. What do you think about the “Considered” program? I have been trying to find out if any of the other major sneaker companies (reebok, adidas, etc) have a similar program, no luck yet though.

I love the philosophy and really liked the original considered boot as well as this new Mowab. (The Mowab is one of my favorite shoes I’ve never owned as a kid, so biased there).

I’m also obviously biased since I work in another division here @ Nike, but in general I love when companies take on abitious projects, not because they have to, but because they want to. Especially something like this that was started by a few designers, presented to the president and VP’s, approved, and caught on so much that it turned into a corporate mission. In an ideal world, we would all design for companies that would take the time to listen to us like that.

I’m sure the other majors will catch on, but it has cost Nike A LOT of time an money to explore this way of building product from developing new leather tanning methods and textiles, to re-training factories on how to build the stuff. Once those other guys buy some samples, disect them, and send them to Asia, we’ll start seing some of their versions in 12-18 months :wink: