I got the Nike+ system about 6 months ago and I love it. The thing that is even cooler about it is that they keep improving it. It is turning into a full community and taking on an identity in and of itself.

The two latest additions that I thought were awesome are:

  1. Voice Easter Eggs - I finished a run the other night and Lance Armstrong congratulated me on a Personal Best for a mile. Last night I had Paula Radcliffe telling me how many calories I burned. Very cool.

  2. Nike+ online mini-me. A fun little addition to the community with some wicked animation and very cool interface. My mini is shown below.

i bought one about a year ago. used it once, and hated it. i hated that i couldnt listen to podcasts on it and the music control was pretty limited. i can’t remember the specifics of how it didn’t work to my expectations, but put it in a drawer and i dont even know where it is now…also kinda sucked i could only use it on nike+ shoes when i have 100’s of other runners i use.

im not a serious runner, but for the $40 thought it would be nice to know how far i go and had the hopes it would push me to work out more regularly, but…

different strokes for different folks i guess. i should may try to find it now if they have indeed upgraded the SW- maybe it’ll be better now.


You don’t need the Nike+ shoes. There are little $10 gizmos that hook to your shoe strings that works like a charm.

I bought the nike+ wrist band for my wife, which works way better b/c she hates listening to music while she runs.

I didn’t realize that you can’t listen to podcasts…that is a bummer.