Nike Zvezdochka

The shoe is amazing imo…I was wondering if any1 knew how the shoe was produced from last (specif. w/ the tpu) to finish? Hopefully not being to broad but any info would be appreciated…

hit up the designer’s site there are some pics of the process there:

dopeness on a stick!

jelly shoes have been around soo long. very expensive mould tho

The molds on the Newson shoe are beautiful, and amazing, esp when you think of how many molds it takes to produce the size run.

^ thats what I mean…its crazy how its made like that…but thx for the help ade…i looked on his site yest…guess i didnt look hard enough…

I was at the Moss NYC party for the “unveiling” of these and they’re just not that exciting in person. I can apreciate them on a technical level, but on a foot, the shape is very similar to the Merrell slip on things that everyone was wearing a few years ago.

I have a pair of the shoes and I use them regularly (They are not sitting on the shelf. )
They are extremely comfortable. I travel extensively to Asia so I use them when I am in transit. When I get on the plane I slip off the outer shell and just keep the liner on. They work great for this. I would not recommend going for extended walks in them as the support that is offered is minimal. I know that one of the concepts for this shoe was to make it possible to swap the different colors around (interior and exterior). But at this price point that is not realistic.
On a side not people do notice these shoes when you wear them and 99% of the people have positive things to say.

^^^^ and that is exactly what they were designed for ^^^^^

wow …great piece of footwear.

At least you dont bother about the cutting stitching and assembly section.
Just go inject the mold and there you got a shoe. :laughing: