Nike Zoom NYC

a NYC concept nike basketball sneaker…tell me wat u guys think!!!


render 1

Final Design

\ \ Jayson Marquez

The final version is very flat. Try giving it some depth by adding shading/light.

i dont have the best programs and im not that good at rendering… i just tried my best for the skills that i have.

That’s ok. To mention good parts also. The proportions look right to me, but guess some of the “shoe guys” on the forum can give you more feedback on that part.

Don’t know what program you used, but to me the final render has the potential to look really good with the right shading to give it more form, that’s what I meant.

Not bad proportions but I have to say that looks weird.

The ankle is too tight and the instep is too large…so under my opinion you should give to the ankle area more width.

The midsole is too much thick…check out BBshoes pics.

The outsole with the buildings detail looks nice but I think you´ll have some problems with the moulding.

The swoosh needs more work…and I´d try to put just a logo on the bottom sole instead of “I LOVE NY”…that sounds really bad.

The shoe is pretty flat…is not really difficult to add some lights/shades with a simple program…dont know what kinda program are you using here…painter,coreldraw or…dont know…try Photoshop…and for sure check out the tutorials.