Nike Zm Widow

As described, this is a shoe partially inspired by a black widow. The shoe also is geared toward a Tony Parker type player. Let me know…

nice! you have any other views? man i want to sede you flip your style just once, like it is pretty obvious you got your own way of doing your rendering but you might pick a new trick…

i want to sede you flip your style just once

For as long as we been talkin and Ive been postin, you say that. Truth is I dont have a style, I have whats instilled in me; how I do things. It would be gr8 to try something different but idk, give me an example if you can. For instance, what’s distinctive that I do? How can I change it?

Thanks for posting.

I’d like to see you put the design more in a proper basketball proportion and give it an out of the box feel vs a worn look. I find all the wrinkles you illustrate detract from seeing the design lines.

Yo, What do you mean proper basketball proportions? I saw the post on proportions but what is wrong with these? Although I dont have the trained eye these look like comfortable supportive sneaks. - Hajime

It’s close. I think by bringing the toe in and adjusting the heel height its a bit more realistic. I used to question why the footwear industry was so picky about proportion, but it really does make a difference.

Also, the rendering style doesn’t convey a sense of materials and I get a bit lost with what is upper and what is midsole and cushioning. I think the style could be more clear and communicative. It looks like there are some good ideas going on, that lace that wraps around the heel for fit for example. Tell the story visually so we don’t have to guess.

Look forward to seeing more.