Nike work experience?

Has anyone had work experience @ Nike in OR?

If so, if you could impart some wisdom - advice - recomendations, i would really appreciate it.

dankt+ :mrgreen:

i’m sure mr ditullo will have an in depth answer for you, but all you need to know is its a great place to work in a wonderful city, filled with really nice people with plenty of interesting lives.

I could go on about the facilities, the gyms, the town, the people… for quite awhile. It’s not for everyone, but I love it, and having worked with a bunch of companies, it’s rare to find a corporate culture this big that is this creative. It is a place to bust your ass, and have fun at the same time…

What are you looking for in specific? Feel free to PM or email me if you would rather…

Yo is right about everything he types they are an impressive organization with some of the most creative and inspired talent anywhere. They are also large enough that not all of the groups and leaders are the same. Many are not as talente, helpful and honest as Yo.

Also you will have alot of free time, as demonstrated by Yo. Who has a whopping 2,686 posts since Jan 04.

That averages about 2.85 posts per day.

Thats a pretty nice gig.

Damn that is a lot of posts! He is a maniac.
Of course he lives and breathes design 24/7 and loves to learn from others and share his opinion and what he has learned.

FYI 2.85 posts per day = less than 15 minutes… no biggie