Nike WEAH Rendering Updated

I added a couple of extra things (3/4 front [which I never finished] and the design/athlete page).

The Overview explains it all:

It was fun.let me kno…

The front 3/4 was done b4 I realized I didnt want a symmetrical medial side, so, it might be a little off in that regard.

Hey man, your style is improving greatly. Good proportions and I like that the design is not symmetrical…

You mention an ankle leash, but I don’t see one.

It looks like a front 3/4 or top view would help more ethan a rear 3/4 in explaining this design.

Watch the typos in the explanation…

sweet project! i really like the look of these. i see what you were trying to do with the 3/4 view but it needs a lil’ more finessing(sp?) on the accuracy…since you did these in tandem with an athlete, it might be a really nice touch to include a lil’ more of her insights to highlight the the this was an interactive collaborative project. i think it would be a dope portfolio piece showing the process you went through to get to something she was happy with, since in this case she is sort of the client.

maybe i missed it but what is the significance of the 41?