Nike, thats wack.

Was looking at running shoes online. I have known about the lunar racer for some time now, but i just noticed that on zappos, and probably everywhere else since the same # is used, that they quote it at 5.5 oz… only thing is at the bottom it says that a size 7.5 was used for measurements. Pretty much every other shoe on the site and other brands use a size 9, which is a pretty common size and most companies sample size. i don’t know how much difference it would be from a 7.5 to a 9 but it would definitely make the lunar racer seem not such a light shoe compared to its competition. :angry:

i understand why they are doing it, but its still wack. kinda like what tv companies do with contrast ratio. I would like to see a megasite like zappos weigh the shoes themselves all the same size so we can get truly comparable data.

i thought we had one of those shoes here at work… we sure did. a size 9 too! :sunglasses: went and weighed it on the postage scale and its 6.4 oz. Still a very light shoe, but 6.4 vs 7.0 oz competition is not as impressive as 5.5 vs. 7. just saying.

haha, i can get off my soapbox now. :smiley: