Nike Sucks

Nike sucks.
I own many pairs of Nike sneakers because I run and work out often.
Although the reason I am keep getting them is because of their looks,
but actually their functional qualities are really poor and painful to wear.
The weight is often too heavy and that spring cushion thing whatever
doesn’t work.
I am switching to something else for running…any recommendation?
Perhaps New Balance??

I wear New Balance for just everyday wear but I did a marathon last year and used Brooks, they were awesome.

Nike is for showoffs.

You must not be getting the right ones for your sport and foot. They’re generally made for specific sports activities, you have to get the right one and not just pick any one from the running category that looks best or is the newest. Check out eastbay for sport specific designs, you’ll find many more appropriate options than the local foot locker who’s stock is probably based on fashion trends, sellability. I’ve worn Nike’s since I started doing organized sports (track) in the 6th grade and I’ve tried others, but always come back to the nikes because they always fit and worked the best. The only pair I had that sucked was for basketball. But that’s because I bought them because that was the popular style and they looked good. After I did some research, found out they were designed for Shaq and Barkley types needing stability where I’m a quick cutting Iverson type. No wonder I always felt like I couldn’t move in them. If you get the right ones designed for the right purpose, Nike’s are the way to go. New Balance is also good for joggers and good everyday walking shoes, very comfortable and fit nice in that department. Wouldn’t consider anything else for jogging or running other than those 2 brands. Nike just has so much variety it’s easy to pick the wrong one.

you would be surprised how much better your running will feel when you find the right shoe for you. I tend to buy adidas or new balance because I have a wider foot, but its never bad to consult the people who sell these shoes in a running store, not just an apparell or factory sotre. This is helpful because all of the sales peopel are hardcore runners themselves. I also hear that brooks are fantastic, also try asics, you get good mileage out of them and tend to be a lighter shoe.

Make yourself an appointment with a podiatrist for an assesment.

That’s what I did, he then gave me a list of shoes to try. I always wear the same model of New Balance, now and I haven’t had any foot problems or injuries since I saw the podiatrist. Different brands often have different things to recommend them, as do the different models.

It is well worth it. I used to suffer from shin splints, but I saw the podiatrist a few years ago and ran the London Marathon last year, so he really helped me!

I was advised by the podiatrist to avoid Nike - he said he had seen many injuries from Air as it is very unstable (he likens it to trying to run on a lilo). I’m sure Nike have tried to do something about this but my podiatrist still does not recommend them. If they won’t let you try them out before you buy - walk out of there.

If you are going to take the advice of a shop assistant, it’s better to go to a specialist running shop - often otherwise the assistants have no idea.

Forget looks too - the best shoes are often the fugly ones. Better to wear a fugly shoe than get a fugly injury.

Definitely ugly, I don’t know why. I remember hating getting my kicks from eastbay for track because they were hideous looking. But they were worked well, all foam and rubber, no air. I only used air soles for general walking, for comfort. Not sure how they would do for any real sport running performance aside from general x-training. I forgot about the asics, lots of runners go by those also in the track world.

Yeah! I’m a Brooks guy myself - although they’re not much to look at.

I stopped buying Nike anything a few years ago. And not for ethical reasons - everything I bought from Nike: shoes, watches, radios, whatever, were all total garbage.

There are plenty of other companies out there making better shoes, watches, radios, etc. that look just as good or better.

As a designer - I think Nike make beautiful looking shoes, but they are not the most functional for me. I can’t fault their fitness clothing though. I’m surprised they haven’t managed to attract the serious runner back though - they spend more on r & d than anyone else so why isn’t this so? They were started by a runner after all.

With running shoes you have to remember that cushioning is not the most important thing. I think we have been mislead by running shoe marketing, they make a big deal out of how much cushioning/shock absorbtion they’ve got.

Ok, back in the old days where the best you could get was sheet eva midsoles, this may have been the case but now all technical running shoes are well cushioned you should be looking at other stuff such as stability and fit, especially if your running style isn’t perfect.

Nike makes more than 1000 models of footwear annually. even if you tested 100 pairs of Nikes over a 10 year period, you would have worn LESS than 1% of the models

So to make a blanket statement like that is pretty foolish. If you want I can change the topic of your post from “Nike sucks” to “the Nikes I tried on didn’t fit me” or something else with an intelligent ring.

I’m no marathon runner, but here are some of my understandings to drop a little knowledge on the model lineup. If you are a runner, and you want to try on Nikes, you should be buying from the Bowerman Series. Named after Bill Bowerman, founder of the company, who started as Track coach at U of O hand making the track shoes for his runners (Phil Knight, the other founder was one of his runners, and had the idea of selling the shoes to the public… out of the back of his car)

Within the series you will find Dual Density foam shoes, Air products and Shox products.

The Dual D foam shoes are similar to the product line up at Brooks, Asics and other core running brands, without being quite as ugly as sin in my opinion

The Benefits of the Air products is that the ride on your first footstrike is the same as the ride on your last, as opposed to all foam only shoes which slowly break down over time causing shin splints if you try to prolong the life of your shoe. The softer the foam, the better the ride, the faster it breaks down. It does take time to adjust to AIR. I run in full length air max, because I am bigger guy (its all muscle though really…) with an awful running style, it helps me compensate with a stable comfortable footsrtike (and yes I try other brands all the time)

Shox has similar benefits as AIR, with the added benefit of energy return. You can feel this the first time you run hard in shox, but it takes time to train in them to adjust.

Free on the opposite end of the spectrum works more like the natural bio mechanics of your foot than any other product on the market. So much so that you will need time to rebuild all the small muscles in your foot that wearing overbuilt running shoes have let atrophy, but once you do I’m told (by several of the tri athletes, marathon runners, and iron man competitors I work with) its pretty amazing.

When its all said and done, even if you have spoken with all the running specialty shop guys, and read all of the reviews in Runners World and online, it all comes down to what works best for you. No black science to it at all. Just simple finding out what works for you based soley on first hand experience.

So let me know if you want me to change the title of the topic, or leave it so we can revel in its hilarity 6 months from now.

But Yo - tell me this? Why do we not see many Nikes on athletes feet? I’m talking about the ones that aren’t sponsored of course, the amateurs, the club runners…

Why are the running shops in my hometown so anti Nike too?

Why is my podiatrist so anti Nike too?I know he’s no charlatan - he works with Tottenham Hotspur - (big premier league London Football club)

I love Nike to wear for casual wear but after the problems I had with Nike running shoes, I can’t say I’d go back to them for sports purposes.

This is not necessarily a criticism, just an observation. I can appreciate for a company the size of Nike there is bound to be a backlash. It’s inevitable.

I can’t claim to know why some people’s preference and perceptions are what they are, and my observations line up with your own.

Think about this though: All of those professional athletes (and you would be surprised how many non-sponsored athletes wear the swoosh) wear the same Nike product that is for sale at the store. Do you think a professional would trust a sub-par product when races are won by fractions of a second and injuries result from most minor of variations? I know I wouldn’t.

What I do know is that the testing facilities at Nike are huge, the the things they put the shoes (and the volunteer athletes who test them) through are rigorous beyond belief and that the running design team has put a lot of work and testing into the new Bowerman line which is full of a wide array of products, try 'em out.

Maybe it’s intentional Yo!, but did you know your location has you in Potland, not Portland? I can think of a few towns that should be named Potland…Vail is one of them.

wow, so rarely is something such an awkward combo of true, funny, and embarrassing! Sorry I had to fix it.

I know what athletes are like - I’ve worked with them.

You know as well as I do that when they are sponsored by a brand it doesn’t mean they will wear the shoes. The amount of shoes I sent in the past to have the logo’s removed and the logo of the brand I was working for put on there, because they won’t change brands, they are that superstitious. no amount of testing can get 'em to change sometimes.

I remember when Adidias Predator came out too, there was all this marketing saying that this player was wearing it and that player was wearing it. Truth is, they wouldn’t wear it - it took them seasons and seasons to persuade them to wear it. - they wore what they’d always worn, or a version of the predator with the ‘fins’ removed from the toe.

WOW, never had that experience, and never heard of that happening with Nikes except when Tiger switched clubs for awhile on the tour.

but I did hear an Adidas sponsored American Football player had an embarrassing moment. He was sponsored by Adidas, but would only wear Nikes, so they taped over their shoes and sharpied on three stripes… problem was the tape tore off in an aggressive tackle… maye that’s how it has worked in your experience.

Perhaps it doesn’t happen as often now - it’s over ten years since I worked in the athletic footwear trade proper - it was the start of big tempting sponsorship deals.

The soccer players are the worst though. They are so superstitious!

Sorry that was me posting above. I’ve never worked for Adidas but IME if you are going to put someone elses’ logo on a shoe you should at least stitch it on! :laughing:

Hey Yo, I have no personal feeling to you. It was because the Nikes that
I wore sucked, actually. I had about 20 pairs of Nikes appx in my life time.
Most of time, I just had them for fashionable reasons, but as I started to
work out and run, I realized that Nikes that I had actually are not made
for running (that’s what I felt, period).
You don’t need to try out 1000 Nikes to find out which ones are good for
my foot. You don’t need to pay that much money to believe that Nikes
are still the best shoes out there. What I believe as a consummer is
if I buy something more than few times and if that brand of product
fails what I expected to do, I have right to say that it “sucks”.
So, even if you have some editing power over core77, you can’t change the
title as you wish because you work for him.
You see… I just gave my opinion on my shoes, and actually there are
lots people who say something similar to my experience.
Hope you design the better shoes, Yo.

I used to find that Nike’s didn’t fit my foot that well compaired to other shoes… lately that seems better. I guess it is that the “lasts” have improved

I think Nike’s look pretty good compared to everyone out there, thanks to the product designers there. Fit and ergonomic function seem like part of a different department, maybe not Yo’s… correct me if I am wrong.

so what exactly is wrong with the way they work anyway?

  • not a footwear designer, but want to learn

It depends on you feet - that’s why it’s worth getting a podiatrist if you are going to do a lot of sport - especially running as it is really hard on your joints.

Nike are too narrow for me, but that doesn’t mean to say they’ll be too narrow for everyone… Fitting can vary greatly across different styles and also different brands. Although there are fitting guidelines and recommendations, it’s not an exact science, it can vary depending on preferences of the technologists, last makers and biomechanics scientists that one works with. Feet don’t come in standard sizes either - if you ever get chance to get measured by a technologist - do it - it’s interesting to find out your true size as opposed to what you thought you were.