Nike sketches

Hi everyone. I’ve been working on a few shoe designs lately (hopefully to land me a internship somewhere). I’ve attached just a few below. I’d love some feedback.

I think you would be hard pressed to find any current Nike shoes that do not feature the swoosh logo somewhere on the shoe. I’m not seeing any Nike “DNA” in these sketches. I’d say you’re better off leaving them unbranded then attaching the Nike brand to them, unless you go back and rework them completely.

I completely agree. The stripes are screaming adidas or k swiss. I’d just leave them unbranded as these are really nice sketches.

keep an eye on your proportions.

the first sketch in the top left (the blank shoe) is the best props as far as the toe box and instep. All the ones after that are pretty far off. This is something that many students looking for internships will already know and the shoe companies will not want to have to teach someone proportions.

Try searching online for images of a last and use that as an underlay until you can correctly reproduce the proportions without it.