Nike Samurai - Kobe team shoe

Hey , my friends ! It’s been a long time since my last post … This here is my Kobe shoe I was making for the KG freestyle 2 months ago , but some personal problems didn’t …Anyway , it’s not important ! I just finished it , so would like to hear your points about it . Thanks , all the oppinions are well expected ! Ole !

Ventsislav Nikolov

I’m particularly fond of the last midtop design process sketch with the manipulated Nike tick. Although the final design suits the name and style for the basketball boot, i just thought it looked cool. Well done.

sweet like chocolate Ven

…just posted my comments on Kicksguide site…but here it looks a lot better, since it’s all in the proper size!!!


Tom!!! What’s up crazy “fool”?..It’s a loooong time I don’t see you posting…

MC [Pietro]

Nice work. A lot of effort here. I like how you show your concept, process sketches, and finals. This tells the story of your design.

A couple of little things.

The heel of the outsole looks sweet in the rear 3/4 view, but a bit clunky in the side view, I think this could be sleekened up.

The best color blocking (IMO) in the black/white/purple because that anle support piece blends into the form more. I think you could do without that. You really wouldn’t want a plastic piece right there anyway. Ankle support is largely a perceptive thing. An ankle strap goes a long way as it lets you know when you are over taxing your ankle more than actually protecting it.

The heel pattern piece is sweet.

I’d like to see a good outsole view amd toedown view.

Swoosh is a bit flattened. We’re picky on that.

Again really nice work, I like the exploded view page especially.

How do you feel about the end result? And how did Kobe feel about it?

Hey , my friends ! Thanks all of you for the nice words !
Yo : I got my notes on the outsole part . I’m gonna work some more on it to rightly define it’s shape , actualy I’m not really happy wit it too . About the swoosh I wanted to look that way , kind of undeveloped , kind of bringing some retro style to the shoe . On the other hand I didn’t see no other way to put the creasing functionality in it … Actually I like it that way !
bkili : Actually I’m feeling good about this shoe … It’s kind of virtual , but I like it anyway ! Kobe … well, I have no idea how he feels about it ! Ha-ha !
Ole !

Ventsislav Nikolov