nike rendering

hello just did a rendering to sharpen up my skillz, If anyone has some feed back i would love to hear it.


temp by yo thanks


Let’s see…good proportions, design is good but could still use some refinement and detail. Use of mesh texture is very good. Could use more shadowing and lots less foggy, misty highlights. Not sure what your skill level is but overall, i’d say a great start!


this is my first rendering. yes i need to make it less foggy.

That’s not bad for a first rendering.
but let me be terribly opened with you…
rendering won’t get you anywhere… not untill you refine your design skills.

there are many different elements that make a good designer. creativity. knowlegde. style. … many!
the rendering is one of the elements that we use to sell our ideas…
most of the time this is the only thing that the outsiders get to see beside the shoe… or better most of the time that is the only thing outsiders focus on beside the shoe.

you can learn a lot from the products, renderings, sketches… a lot from the people (CONSUMERS) too.

focus on as many different aspects of design and for the moment do yourself a favour… stop using photoshop!


I agree with DD23. Kind of a ho-hum design. Maybe it was just an excercise in Photoshop. If so, fine. But if you wan’t to be a shoe designer, take DD23’s advice. And work hard at it. You have a lot of potential.

Good proportions. I agrre with the previous comments and beleive that Ive heard that a lot of times, so it must have somethin in it. One thing too many swooshes or I dont know Its just screamin to me.